LEAK Ealloora Water Leak Detector

Water leak detector LEAK Ealloora (+2 years Sigfox Service included)

LoraWan zone leak detection sensor

LoraWan zone leak detection sensor

LoraWan Point Leak Detection Sensor

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The LoRaWan EM300-SLD leak detection sensor is a smart device that will detect your leaks instantly and efficiently. Waterproof to IP67, it features integrated temperature and humidity sensors.
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LoraWan Point Leak Detection Sensor 


The sensor helps prevent potential damage caused by leaks thanks to its instantaneous detection of liquid potential. It then transmits an alert to inform of this disa-grement. This IP67-rated, UV-resistant device is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Thanks to its energy-saving technology, the EM300-SLD can operate for up to 5 years on a 4000 mAh battery.

It also contains temperature and humidity sensors, and is recommended for uses such as monitoring pipe leaks, liquid distribution systems in the food industry, or flooding. Combined with a LoRaWAN® gateway, users can remotely administer data from all sensors and receive alerts.


Product specifications :


Battery capacity (Li-SOCL2) : 4000 mAh

Brand : Milesight

Color : white/gray

Cable length : 1.5 m

Temperature monitoring : -30°C to + 70°C

Relative humidity : 0% to 100% (non-condensing)

Trigger condition : when liquid level reaches 5mm

Compatible with : standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers

Installation : wall-mounted


Product benefits :


IP67 waterproof and UV-resistant enclosure

5-year battery life (10 years if you add an extra)

NFC for easy configuration

Long-distance transmission up to 10 km line of sight

Integrated temperature and humidity sensors for environmental monitoring

Quick and easy management 

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