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SigFox Communication board for MangOH

Carte d'évaluation du Module Wisol SFM10R1 Sigfox (EVBSFM10R1)

Evaluation Kit for the Wisol WSSFM10R1 module Sigfox (EVBSFM10R1)

Kit Sigfox Breakout board BRKWS01-RC1 + 868Mhz Antenna

SigFox Breakout board based on Wisol SFM10R1 module (EMEA) eneables easily Sigfox integration in your IOT prototype

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The breakout BRKWS01 is a very small footprint SigFox breakout board based on the Wisol SFM10R1 module (EMEA Region). This board will enable you to integrate and use the SigFox LPWan network into your IOT project design, providing simple data transmission feature.


Sigfox Partner
  • Ultra-Small foot-print 23.3mm x 21.3mm (<5cm²)
  • Versatile usages, breadboard or vertical Single Inline Package
  • Simple control by AT commands
  • Sigfox verified Wisol module
  • All inclusif kit with Antenna
Made in France


Thanks to the small dimension of the SFM10R1 Wisol module, an ultra-small foot-print breakout board design was possible.

The design of the breakout allows versatile usages from the development of your prototype to the mass production of your project. Indeed, the layout of input/output pin is such that you can use the standard module features with the breakout board positioned vertically as a Single Inline Package module (SIP). Therefore, the integration into your PCB design is possible and facilitated.


Sigfox logo

The SigFox network allows sending 12 bytes messages long.
The Sigfox network is nationaly available in many European countries.
Please check the coverage here : http://www.sigfox.com/en/coverage

Circuit diagram:

BRKWS01 PCB pinout


All inclusive Kit:

  • 1x Breakout Board BRKWS01
  • 1x 1/2 wave 868Mhz articulated antenna 
  • 1x UFL <> RP-SMA 100mm
  • 1x 8 pins header 1 row, straight, gold plating
  • 1x 8 pins header 1 row, 90° Angled, gold plating
  • 1x 4 pins header 1 row, straight, gold plating


Board Specification:

  • Power Supply: +3.3v
  • Tx current: 49mA
  • Rx current: 15mA
  • Communiation: Serial UART
  • Protocol: AT Commands


Communication commands:

The module is controlled with serial AT commands sent on TX/RX pins.
Below is the communication specification and AT commands to use.

Serial communication: 9600 bauds, 8bits, 1 stop bit, no parity
AT commands:

Communication test: AT
Get Module ID: AT$I=10
Get PAC code: AT$I=11
Send a SIGFOX message: AT$SF=XXXXXXXXXXXX (Hexadecimal value)
Send a SIGFOX message with downlink frame: AT$SF=XXXXXXXXXXXX,1 (Hexadecimal value)


Code exemple:

For Raspberry Pi : https://github.com/adrien3d/IO_WSSFM10-RPi

For Arduino: https://github.com/adrien3d/IO_WSSFM10-Arduino


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Manufacturer SNOC
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