Bouton connecté Sigfox ClicMe

Sigfox connected Button ClicMe (2 click areas)

Smart Alert button Sigfox Ealloora Ask

Sigfox Ealloora Ask Smart button ( + 2 years Service)

Sigfox connected Button ClicMe (2 click areas) + ClicMe App service

A stand alone multi purpose Sigfox smart button with ClicMe App service offer: 2 years Sigfox subscription+ Mobile Application + 50 SMS Alerte + Illimited Email alerte
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The ClicMe button is a connected button witch will allow you to provide service on demand by triggering several types of actions on a simple click.
Witht the ClicMe App service included, you can configure your button to match your spécific needs witht he mobile application ClicMe



ClicMe is a stand alone multi purpose smart button
Rrequest a customer call back, trigger an alarm, place an order, send a text message, etc.


ClicMe is a Sigfox ready product (, no network configuration is required.


ClicMe offers two configurable buttons. For each button, two actions can be used : one click, and double click.


The ClicMe application allows the end user to take ownership of their button and customize it to their own needs
2 years Sigfox subcription included,  AWS infrastructure with unlimited emails and 50 SMS for 2 years included.



Key Features

Open ClicMe button

Standalone Wireless Buttons
Smart buttons for smart services, ready for integration into your usecase
Plug and play solution to simply increase your customer satisfaction & loyalty
2 click areas
4 configurable actions
User-friendly shape Soft touch
Hang it anywhere with its magnetic back
2 standard AAA batteries included
2-year battery life
-20 up to +50 °C




ClicMe housing is entirely customizable.
Make it yours entirely customisable to suit your business (Please contact us for more detail)

Custom ClicMe buttonCustom ClicMe buttonCustom ClicMe Button


Customize the front of your button by laser engraving

Que ce soit votre logo d’entreprise, le nom du produit, des informations techniques ou une décoration de façade, nous pouvons personnaliser la façade de votre bouton.

Whether it's your company logo, product name, technical information or facade decoration, we can customize the front of your button.

The customization of the facade is done through laser engraving. Laser engraving allows you to "print" permanently and indelibly the information of your choice on the front panel of the button. The marking is created by thermal effect from vaporising the silicone material of the front of the product. No change of color of the material appears, only a hollow in place of the engraved inscription.

  1. Download the file of the facade of the Bopitier (Predefined files to the dimension of the facade of the case)
  2. Realize your creation
  3. Use only the color Black (no gray level or other colors)
  4. Save the file keeping the original dimensions of the document
  5. Send us your file to file.upload(at) when you have received the confirmation of your order, by forwarding us the confirmation email and your file. We will have all the information related to your personalization


ClicMe App

Service Offer ClicMe App Included

Coupled with the ClicMe App service offer, manage your button and its actions directly from your smartphone with the ClicMe App mobile app

  • 2 year Sigfox network subscription included
  • The mobile application ClicMe App, available is downloadable on Google Play or App Store.
  • AWS infrastructure with unlimited emails and 50 SMS for 2 years included.

Connected to the IOT Sigfox network, its commissioning does not require any particular configuration. Simply position it where you want and go!

You will only have to choose the action to trigger on the support of the buttons on the mobile application ClicMe App  


Sigfox logo

The Sigfox network allows to send up to 140 messages per day of 12 bytes long.

The Sigfox network is available in many European countries.

Please check available coverage on:



One click - Multiples Actions

  • Concierge at your services
  • Services at your figerpip
  • Car maintenance
  • House Cleaning
  • Ironing
  • Home delivery
  • Gardening
  • Taxi ordering
  • Baby sitting
  • Pet care
  • Personal assistant
  • Initiate a shipment
  • Pickup
  • ...



  • Designed in France
  • Customizable housing
  • 60 x 60 x 20.5 mm
  • 63 g including batteries
  • Outdoor usage
  • -20° / +50°C
  • 2 AAA batteries
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