Sigfox Industrial GPS tracker from Ercogener

Ercogener industrial Sigfox GPS Tracker (EG-IoT 8281)

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Ercogener LoRa industrial GPS Tracker (EG IOT 4281)

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This robust and waterproof GPS tracker communicates on the LPWan LoRa network. Made for asset tracking use cases in an industrial environment with strong environmental constraints.
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LoRa Industrial GPS tracker - LoRa Europe


The Ercogener EG-IoT-4281 LoRa Industrial GPS Tracker is a stand-alone product for LoRa network transmission geolocation industrial applications.


Suitable for harsh outdoor environments, it is waterproof (IP69K) and resistant to mechanical shock (IK09).
Compact, with a long-range integrated antenna and a long battery life, it is very easy to implement.
Various options allow to have a product oriented critical applications (Contact us for more information).

Due to its mechanical integration and technical characteristics, this product is intended for use in geolocation and asset tracking applications.




  • Tracking of vehicles, containers, building machines...
  • Optimization of fuel consumption
  • Route optimization
  • Real-time tracking of valuable assets
  • Theft alert
  • Zone-exit alert
  • Unauthorized-use alert
  • Eco-Drive
  • Radio guidance with centimeter accuracy
  • Security of persons...
  • Goods transportation, logistics
  • Vehicles rental
  • Urban cleaning and wastewater treatment
  • Passenger transportation
  • Tracking and protection of persons
  • Protection of goods, vehicles, and anti-theft systems
  • Assistance guidance for agricultural machines


Technicals Specifications

Network LoRa (Europe)

  • Frequency : 868 MHz
  • Output power (dBm) : 14 dBm
  • Sensibility (dBm) : -144 dBm
  • Certification : Class 5

Geolocation :

  • Geofencing

Internals Functions :

  • 3 axis accelerometer ±2g / ±4g / ±8g / ±16g
  • 3 axis magnetometer ±50 gauss
  • Temperature sensor, range -30°C à +75°C / resolutions 1°C
  • Battery 6 A.h 3.7Vdc (Li-SOCI2) ( about 5 ans autonomy)
  • Temperature: -30 < T°C < +75

Casing :

  • Dimensions : 90 x 65 x 35 mm
  • Weight : 160 g
  • Waterproof : IP67-IP69k
  • Shock resistant : up to IK09
  • Fixing (optional) : screws, brakets, double side tape, plate, clip
  • Material : ABS/PC UL94 V0

The product integrates a Bluetooth BLE-4.2 communication function. The software for its exploitation is under development.


Box content

  • 1x EG-IOT-4281 package loaded with the "EaseEG-IoT" application
  • 1x Commissioning instructions


Fixation kit for Ercogener tracker


A fixation's kit allowing to hang the tracer durably on various supports is available here



Could plateform services de la plateforme

  • • Coupled with the cloud platform, your actions will be processed and executed by the personalized cloud service and integrated with your servers and business systems
  • • Connected to the IOT LoRa Orange or Objenious network, its commissioning does not require any particular configuration. Simply position it where you want and go!
  • • The user's login information allows each user to access their dashboard and custom devices.
  • • The user can view the states and location of the sensor on a map in real time.
  • • The user can define or redefine the location of each sensor based on its location.
  • • More detailed information regarding temperature, sensor status, battery can be viewed for each sensor.
  • • Visualization and history of geolocation


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