SimplePack 3.0 Plus Full - Multi sensor Sigfox device

SimplePack 3.0 Plus Full - Sigfox multi-sensors device

SimplePack 3.0 Plus Wifi tracker - Multi-sensor Sigfox IoT tracker

Small multi-sensor Sigfox IoT device that can be used to track, trace and guard your assets thanks to the Sigfox technology

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SimplePack 3.0 Plus Wifi Tracker - Multi-sensor Sigfox IoT Tracker

SimplePack 3.0 Plus WiFi Tracker is a Sigfox IoT multiple sensor device that can be used to track and protect your assets.

The additional Wi-Fi sniffing function allows a more precise location of the device, which is very useful in warehouses and in all situations requiring to know the exact position.

Among the use cases, you can find:

  • Logistics, including, but not limited to tracking and tracing parcels, Euro pallets or containers, possible with WiFi sniffing to accurately locate tracked goods
  • Location of bicycles, cars, scooters or even stolen pets

The possibilities of using SimplePack in combination with Sigfox Atlas and the WiFi localization are endless. Multiple examples of applications are available on the manufacturer's website.


A universal device with a large choice of sensors and a battery that lasts 10 years

  • Accelerometer
  • LED diode
  • Clicking button with haptic feedback
  • Ambi temperature
  • WiFi – for localisation through MAC address sniffing


Main characteristic:

  • Small format
  • Cool, small, smart design
  • Size: 81 x 29 x 12mm
  • Waterproof (IP68 protection rating)
  • Incredible radio performance (Sigfox 0 power radiation class)


Technical data:

  • Documented payloads and remote configuration
  • Firmware upgrade available (no disassembly needed)
  • Operating life with a daily heartbeat: 10 years
  • UV print branding available at extra charge – contact us with your inquiry



  • Primary lithium LiMnO2 Battery 1500 mAh
  • Long shelf life (self-discharge rate less than 1% at 25°C)
  • Wide temperature range
  • Non-flammable electrolyte
  • Compliant with IEC86-4 safety standard
  • Non-restricted for transport
  • Non-replaceable and non-rechargeable
  • Number of messages: 30 000


Basic Operation guide:
API 6 Universal firmware that controls the product :




Plateforme de services IoT:

Compatible with the multi-network IoT service platform

From your dedicated administration area, control your objects, collect and process the data sent by your sensors in just a few clicks.

The responsive design web platform automatically adapts to the terminal used for consultation. You have access to your data and you can visualize in real-time your connected objects park from any PC, tablet, smartphone, no matter where you are.

The platform supports various IoT and M2M communication networks available on the market, which frees you from managing telecom operators and the technical complexity of their connectivity.

Anticipate breakdowns, detect threshold overruns, raise an alarm; using the alarm scenarios, stay informed by email, SMS or voice call.

Anticiper les pannes, détecter un dépassement de seuil, remonter une d’alarme, grâce à la création de scénarios d’alerte, restez informé par réception d’un e-mail, d’un SMS ou d’un appel vocal.

Collect, visualize, create alarm scenarios

Locate your transmitters on a cartographic tool, and visualize the activity of your connected objects park through graphics, curves and dashboards.
Set up alarm scenarios in order to ensure a continuity of service or to trigger an intervention.

100% French platform

We know your data is essential and sensitive, and that’s the reason why we chose to design and administer the platform entirely, and to entrust territorial actors with hosting the databases. This ensures your collected data remains safe and confidential.

A Plug and Play offer

We worked specifically on the simplicity of implementation and use to make it easy to record, connect and start collecting data in just a few clicks.


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Sigfox IoT telecommunication networks:

The SigFox network can send up to 140 messages per day of 12 bytes long. It is a low-speed network offering national coverage in several European countries.

Verify your coverage here:

To go further and discover the Sigfox technology: Sigfox Technology Overview

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