Sigfox / Lora BRKABZ01 Breakout board Kit (CMWX1ZZABZ-091) + Antenna

Breakout board Kit BRKABZ01 dual-mode Lora / Sigfox + Antennas

EGOS evaluation kit (eRTOSgener)

Allows to easily take control of EGOS, the dedicated OS to the Internet of Things from eRTOSgener.

1 year LoraWan Orange Network subscription 144 msg / d + 1 year Cloud platform included

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eRTOSgener offers an evaluation kit for EGOS

Modular and scalable, it allows quick handling of their embeded operating system EGOS for connected objects.


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eRTOSgener was created and organized to meet the needs and requirements of the IoT industry.

Our goal is to provide a complete and easy-to-use integrated tool chain for embedded systems, to accelerate and secure our partner's IoT projects. Our first solution is called EGOS. He's the superhero of the Industrial Internet of Things. Developed with a Safe & Secure “by design” approach, EGOS's mission is to relieve its users in their development work. Thus, these same users can devote themselves to developing their own know-how.


EGOS Solution.

The Industrial Internet of Things Superhero.


Super Heros EGOS


The kit is based on a STMicroelectronics evaluation board, the STM32 NUCLEO-L476RG.

This card has the advantage of incorporating a "ST-Link" debugger that is also compatible with SEGGER's "J-Link" tools. It also includes an extension port compatible with Arduino "Shields", as well as 2 proprietary extension ports. In order to maintain the modular and scalable aspect of the evaluation kit, the choice was made to be able to accommodate MikroElektronika modules in "mikro BUS" format.


An eRTOSgener extension card has been created to accommodate 3 MikroElektronika shields in the “mikro BUS” format (

2 Mikroe modules are pre-assembled on the expansion card:

  • 1x "LSM303AGR Click" accelerometer module (reference MIKROE-2684)
  • 1x “LoRa click” IoT telecommunication module (reference MIKROE-1997)

This expansion card also has several LEDs and switches configurable by the user.

The switch on the Nucleo card B1 (User) and B2 (Reset) as well as LED 2 (LD2) have been deported to the card so that they can be used when the eRTOSgener extension card is attached to the Nucleo card.


The Kit is delivered fully assembled and preloaded with the latest version of the EGOS on-board systemSuper Heros Volant


Content of the EGOS Assessment Kit:

  • 1x NUCLEO-L476RG STM32 card
  • 1x eRTOSgener expansion card
  • 1x "LSM303AGR Click" accelerometer module (reference MIKROE-2684)
  • 1x “LoRa click” IoT telecommunication module (reference MIKROE-1997)
  • 1x 113mm half wave 868Mhz antenna
  • 2x Mini USB cables (USB type B to USB type A)
  • 1x 5-sided wooden case and a Plexigalss top face in the likeness of EGOS with a thickness of 3mm
  • 1x Quick Start Guide
  • 1x 1 year subscription to the LoraWan Orange network 144msg / day
  • 1x 1 year subscription to the cloud data processing platform

For more information and resources please visit the site 

To acces the EGOS public documentation please visit the EGOS wiki





IoT cloud service platform:

Compatible with the multi-network IoT service platform

From your dedicated administration area, control your objects, collect and process the data sent by your sensors in just a few clicks.

The responsive design web platform automatically adapts to the terminal used for consultation. You have access to your data and you can visualize in real-time your connected objects park from any PC, tablet, smartphone, no matter where you are.

The platform supports various IoT and M2M communication networks available on the market, which frees you from managing telecom operators and the technical complexity of their connectivity.

Anticipate breakdowns, detect threshold overruns, raise an alarm; using the alarm scenarios, stay informed by email, SMS or voice call.

Collect, visualize, create alarm scenarios

Locate your transmitters on a cartographic tool, and visualize the activity of your connected objects park through graphics, curves and dashboards.
Set up alarm scenarios in order to ensure a continuity of service or to trigger an intervention.

100% French platform

We know your data is essential and sensitive, and that’s the reason why we chose to design and administer the platform entirely, and to entrust territorial actors with hosting the databases. This ensures your collected data remains safe and confidential.

A Plug and Play offer

We worked specifically on the simplicity of implementation and use to make it easy to record, connect and start collecting data in just a few clicks.

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