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Bundle Sigfox Breakout board BRKWS02 RC4 with Antenna and Sigfox subscription

Kit Carte Breakout Sigfox BRKWS02-RC4 + 920Mhz Antenna

Pack 10 Modules Wisol WSSFM11R3 for Sigfox network

Wisol module WSSFM11R3AT (Japan RC3c) sold by quantity of 10. Integrate Sigfox technology at low cost! Contact us for higher quantities
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Region 3 (Japan RC3c) SigFox module from Korean manufacturer Wisol, reference SFM11R3 or WSSFM11R3AT.
This module will allow you to integrate and use the SigFox LPWan network in your IOT project design, offering a very simple data transmission functionality.

Sigfox Verified
  • Ultra-Small foot-print 13mm x 15mm x 2.21mm
  • Simple control by AT commands
  • Sigfox Verified certified module


Thanks to its small size, the Wisol SFM11R3 module allows a very small board design compared to the existing Sigfox modules on the market.


Sigfox logo

The SigFox network allows sending 12 bytes messages long.
The Sigfox network is nationaly available in many European countries.
Please check the coverage here :


The Kit includes

  • 10 x modules SFM11R3 Wisol


Technical specificatins:

  • Power supply: +2.1V~+3.6V
  • Tx current: 47mA (Max)
  • Current Rx: 13.5mA (Max)
  • Communiation: Serial UART
  • Protocol: AT Command
  • Type: SMD
  • PCBA Size: 13mm x 15mm x 2.21mm
  • Chipset : AX-SFJK-1-01/ ON Semiconductor
  • Tx Frequency : 923.2MHz
  • Rx Frequency : 922.2MHz
  • Data rate : TX/100bps - RX/600bps
  • Tx Output Power : +13dBm(max.)@600bps
  • Rx Sensitivity : -127dBm(min.)@600bps
  • Bandwith: 192Khz
  • Current @ 3.3V: TX/47mA(max) RX/13.5mA(max)


Communication commands:

The module is controlled with serial AT commands sent on TX/RX pins.
Below is the communication specification and AT commands to use.

Serial communication: 9600 bauds, 8bits, 1 stop bit, no parity
AT commands:

Communication test: AT
Get Module ID: AT$I=10
Get PAC code: AT$I=11
Send a SIGFOX message: AT$SF=XXXXXXXXXXXX (Hexadecimal value)
Send a SIGFOX message with downlink frame: AT$SF=XXXXXXXXXXXX,1 (Hexadecimal value)

More Information
SKU PE0001921
Country of Manufacture South Korea
Manufacturer Wisol-Seong ji