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  • SigFox Communication board for MangOH SigFox Communication board for MangOH
  • SigFox Communication board for MangOH SigFox Communication board for MangOH

ARM NANO SigFox Module


SigFox Communication board for Xbee socket

SigFox Communication board for MangOH

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1 x ARM NANO SigFox Module   +€24.90 (+€29.88 Incl. Tax)
1 x Carte d'interface ARM NANO MangOH (Prix à la baisse!)   +€19.90 (+€23.88 Incl. Tax)

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The ARM-N8-SIGFOX module is designed for the SIGFOX « Ultra Narrow Band » network and have a double functionality: this RF module can communicate in local between modules and also directly on the SigFox network, to send data directly to the INTERNET.

N8-SigFox pinout


 Module Spécifications:

Dimensions  30 x 18 x 2,5 mm
Certifications EN 300 220 V2.4.1
Temperature -30°C to +70°C
Modulation 2GFSK/BPSK (Sigfox)
Sensibility -143dBm@BER10-3
Coverage >25km (LoS)
Frequency 863-870Mhz
Power output 25 mW (14 dBm)
Data rate 100 bit/s à 115,2 Kbit/s 
Consumption (Tx) 50 mA
Consumption (Sleep) 1,5 μA
Consumption (Rx) 24 mA
Interface UART
Mounting Surface mount (CMS)


The SigFox network allows to send 12 bytes messages long. The Sigfox network is nationaly available in many European countries.
Please check the coverage here : http://sigfox.com/en/#!/connected-world/sigfox-network-operator 

By suscribing the one year SigFox subscription, you entitle to 140 messages sent over the network SigFox daily and the reception of 4 messages daily.
An email alert system notifies you when you exceed 120 messages as well as when you exceed 140 messages.

When you send a frame from your SigFox communication card, you immediately receive it on the Sigfox data consultation portal.

You also have the option at the service level of the Sigfox data consultation portal to push the data received in real time to another web server of your choice


 MangOH carrier board

This interface card enables connection of ATIM ARM NANO module on an expansion card to the computer mangOH. It allows you to easily integrate SigFox technology to your computer and enter the IoT world.
It have an UFL connector for the antenna.
You can order UFL to SMA sma cable and the antenna with the carrier board (see ordering options). 


UFL to SMA 60mm adapter cable compatible with the carrier boards equiped with ULF connector (in option)


868Mhz 1/2 wave Antenna for the carrier boards (in option)
Antenne 868Mhz 1/2 onde Antenne 868Mhz 1/2 onde


To discover the projet MangOH:

The projet page: http://mangoh.io/index.html

The getting started page: http://mangoh.io/getting-started.html


To help you in your develeppment, please see below the library links:

Github: https://github.com/atim-radiocommunications/armapi

Github Pages: http://atim-radiocommunications.github.io/armapi/

HTML Documentation: http://atim-radiocommunications.github.io/armapi/doc/html/index.html

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