Official Raspberry Pi 5 Case - Red & White

Official Raspberry Pi 5 Case - Red & White

Argon NEO 5 BRED Raspberry Pi 5 Case

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The Argon NEO BRED 5 case offers an outstanding heat dissipation solution, providing passive and active cooling while guaranteeing robust protection for the Raspberry Pi 5 board. It is the very first smooth aluminum case designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi 5, ensuring absolute safety.

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Argon NEO 5 BRED Raspberry Pi 5 Case

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The Argon NEO 5 case is the innovative solution for the specific needs of the Raspberry Pi 5. Equipped with a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) controlled internal fan, cooling fins and exhaust vents, the Argon NEO 5 case guarantees optimum cooling of the Raspberry Pi 5 board. The 30 mm fan promotes air circulation and expels hot air to the exhaust vents, an essential factor in improving the efficiency and lifespan of the Raspberry Pi 5

Active cooling is automatically triggered by temperature levels, and when deactivated, passive cooling takes over. The case's top cover offers additional protection for unused ports, shielding them from dust and possible damage. The case provides access to all ports, including the power button.

A screw-on SD card cover is included to keep your microSD card and data safe.

Product features :

Brand: Argon

Colors: black/red

Weight: 140 g

Material: aluminum

Internal fan size: 30 mm

Compatible with: Raspberry Pi 5

Product benefits :

• Aluminium housing for absolute protection and safety

• Passive cooling fins and exhaust vents

• Easy assembly of the 3 parts of the case and the Raspberry Pi 5

• Integrated power button and LED light guide

• Access to all ports via removable top cover

• Secure top cover with 2 screws

• Secure SD card cover with screw to prevent µSD card extration

• Compact size for easy transport

• Integrated mounting slots

• Silent cooling 

Including :

• 1x Argon NEO 5 housing with PWM fan 

• 6x Mounting screws

• 2x Silicone heat pads

• 4x Rubber feet

• 1x SD card cover

• 1x Quick assembly guide

For more information on the Argon NEO 5 BRED, please visit the manufacturer's product page.

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