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Raspberry Pi's mission is to make technology accessible by offering affordable and versatile hardware, thus facilitating the realization of projects related to the Internet of Things in various sectors. From education to home automation and industry, Raspberry Pi has succeeded in eliminating the financial barriers to entry into the world of computing, thus establishing its significant presence.

Discover all our Raspberry Pi products, your gateway to innovation, training and custom electronics design. Raspberry Pi boards, expansion boards, cameras, displays, cases and more are available to accompany your mini-computer. 

Raspberry Pi LogoRaspberry Pi Logo

Raspberry Pi Boards

Raspberry Pi boardRaspberry Pi board

Extension - HAT

Poe Raspberry Pi extension board Poe Raspberry Pi extension board


RPIDINCOOL Support Rail Din Raspberry PiRPIDINCOOL Support Rail Din Raspberry Pi

Power supplies

Raspberry Pi power supplyRaspberry Pi power supply


Raspberry Pi caseRaspberry Pi case

Cables - Connectors

Raspberry Pi cable Raspberry Pi cable


HQ cameraHQ camera


Raspberry Pi screenRaspberry Pi screen


Raspberry Pi 16GB Micro SD cardRaspberry Pi 16GB Micro SD card