Low Loss Antenna Cable LL195 5m RP-SMA to Type N Male

5m LL195 Low loss Antenna Cable RP-SMA male - N male

Outdoor 868Mhz 3dBi Fiberglass Antenna - with mounting bracket

LoRa Sigfox Outdoor 868Mhz 3dBi Fiberglass Antenna - with mounting bracket

2m LL195 Low loss Antenna Cable N male - N male

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2m LL195 coaxial cable for LoRa and Sigfox radio antenna

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Coaxial cable Type N male to Type N male connector


This 2m LL195 / LMR195 coaxial cable will bring you the extension you need ! Equipped with two N male connectors, it will allow you to connect the Nebra NBR-0006 mining station to our 868Mhz LoRa or Sigfox 3dBi, 5dBi and 8dBi antennas guaranteeing you a low loss signal. 

The construction of the cable and its polyethylene jacket offer increased resistance to the most demanding outdoor conditions.


Technical Characteristics:

  • Cable: LL195
  • Cable type: Coaxial
  • Impedance: 50 Ω
  • Length: 200 cm
  • Diameter: 4.95 mm.
  • Operating temperature: -40°C à +65°C
  • Connector A: N type (Male)
  • Connector B: N type (Male)
  • Bend radius: Min. 12.7 mm
  • CE standards and RoHS


Attenuation by Frequencies:

Frequency (Mhz) Attenuation (db/10m)
100 1.2
500 2.5
1000 3.7
2400 6.1
5000 9.7
6000 10.2
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Country of ManufactureSlovakia