Grove - Digital CO2 sensor

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Digital CO2 gas sensor with UART output Manufacturer REF : 101020067
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Digital UART CO2 gas sensor

High sensitivity and high resolution CO2 sensor module. The MH-Z16 infrared CO2 sensor is designed for general purpose use.
A non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) detection method can detect CO2 in air with good selectivity, long life, with a built-in temperature sensor, and temperature compensation.
Provided with digital UART output, easy to operate.
It can be widely used in indoor air quality monitoring, industrial process monitoring, security, agriculture and livestock production process monitoring.


Measurement range of 0-2000 parts per million (PPM)
Resolution of 1 ppm 0-2000 parts per million (PPM)
Accuracy of 200 PPM
Stabilization time: 3 minutes
Response time <90s
Operating temperature 0 to 50 ℃
Operating humidity 0% ~ 90% RH
The storage temperature - 20-60 ℃
Power supply 4.5V to 6V DC
The maximum current of less than 100 mA, average of less than 50 mA
Digital output mode: UART
You can check the wiki page for the usage information.

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Country of ManufactureChina
ManufacturerSeeed studio