RFID remote badging Sigfox Ealloora Pass (+ 3 years Service)

Détecteur de courant Sigfox Ealloora Volt

Sigfox Ealloora Volt Current Detector ( + 3 years Service)

Sigfox Ealloora Termo Temperature and Humidity sensor (+ 3 years Service)

All-in-1 package with 3 years of connectivity included (Mobile Application + Sigfox network)
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Ealloora Termo iot Solution
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Wireless IoT Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor

3 years included service


Ealloora Long lasting battery
Ealloora Plug & Play
Ealloora Mobile App
Ealloora No Wifi or Sim needed

TERMO monitors the temperature and humidity of any indoor environment

TERMO automatically sends notifications when thresholds are exceeded

TERMO ideal solution to track your indoor comfort data


Product Termo Ealloora
Usage 1 Termo Ealloora
Usage 2 Termo Ealloora
Usage 3 Termo Ealloora


All-in-1 Offer Product + Service

3 years Mobile App + Sigfox Connectivity

Drawing Ealloora Termo

Indoor temperature and humidity  smart sensor device

Google App Mobile Ealloora

Mobile Application included for 3 years

Sigfox Logo

Sigfox connectivity services included for 3 years

IoT Solution -

Online Service support


Main features

Double input for temperature and humidity measurement
Alarms on temperature / humidity thresholds
Sensitivity: T +/- 0.2°C; U +/- 2%
Battery status monitoring
Low energy consumption
Fully customizable firmware and sensor interface


Included in the Box

Capteur Iot Solution Termo


Technical Features

 Power Supply

Operating voltage: 3.6 V
Powered by high capacity Li-SOCL2 batteries
Duration: up to 6 years


Sigfox RCZ1
Internal Antenna


Temperature and Humidity data collection
Battery level


Remote / local thresholds alarm setting
Battery alarm message: 1 alarm indication battery low

 Quick Activation

Application mobile
QR Code

 Mechanical Informations

Siez: 80x80x25 mm
Weight: 110 g
Operating temperature: -20ºC / 55ºC


Sigfox logo

The SigFox network can send up to 140 messages per day of 12 bytes long. The Sigfox network is nationally available in many European countries. Please check your coverage by going to this link:

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SKU PR0003090
Country of Manufacture Italy
Manufacturer Ealloora
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