Hat PICOLPWAN LoRa & Sigfox LSM100A + 868Mhz Antenna

Module WSLS100A Sigfox & Lora _ a base de STM32WL

LSM100A Sigfox-LoRaWAN FW 1.0.4 module from SJi

Kit LoRaWAN & Sigfox Breakout board LSM100A + 868Mhz Antenna

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Multi-network LoRa & SigFox breakout board kit based on the SJI WSLSM100A module (EMEA). Design your LPWAN multi-network-compatible IOT prototype quickly and easily.

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Breakout LoraWan and Sigfox BRKLSM100A

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This quick-to-use development board is based on the SJI LSM100A module. This HAT will enable you to integrate LoraWan and/or Sigfox LPWAN networks into your IOT project design. The LSM100A is a compact, low-power two-way radio module, optimized for use in the 863 MHz ~ 928 MHz ISM bands.

This high-performance module supports LoRa(TM) & Sigfox wireless communication protocols, and can be converted to LoRa or Sigfox mode using simple AT commands.


Product features :

Dimensions • 14 x 15 x 2,8 mm. (Typ.)
Modulation technology • LoRa(TM) & Sigfox
Sensitivity • Up to -136dBm@LoRa(BW=125KHz, SF=12), 124dBm at Sigfox (0.6Kbps)
Interface  • UART
Commands • AT
 Transceiver  • Low-power long-range transceiver operating in the sub-1 GHz ISM band
Supply voltage range • 1,8 to 3,6V
RF interface  • Optimized to 50 Ω
Output power level • Up to +15dBm
Current • Tx : 27mA
• Rx : 5mA
Chip • STM32WLE5CC
API Version • Possibility to integrate own code


Applications :

• Wireless alarm and security systems

• Industrial monitoring and control 

• Detect soil moisture and temperature 

• Automated meter reading

• Home automation

Kit contents :

• 1x BRKLSM100A Breakout Board

• 1x Articulated Antenna 1/2 wave 868Mhz

• 1x UFL <> RP-SMA 100mm Cable

• 1x Male Connector, Through Hole, 8 Contacts, 1 row, Right Angle, pitch 2.54, gold plated

• 1x Male Connector, Through Hole, 8 Contacts, 1 Row, Pitch 2.54, Gold Plated

• 1x Access to your data via the SigFox portal

RF Characteristics LoRa(TM):

Frequency Range (1) : 863MHz - 928MHz

•  EU863-870
•  AS923
•  KR920-923

LoRaWan Logo LoRaWan Logo


RF Characteristics Sigfox :

Frequency Range (1) : 863MHz - 928MHz

•  RC1 868.13±0.096
•  RC3 923.20±0.096


Sigfox Logo Sigfox Logo

Communication commands :

The module is controlled by AT serial commands sent to TX / RX pins. Please find below the communication specification and the AT commands to be used.

• Serial communication: 9600 baud, 8 bits, 1 stop bit, no parity

Communitation Test  AT
Get LoRa Key AT+APPEUI=?
Send LoRa message AT+SEND=port:ack:data
<Port >:[ 1 ~ 199 ]
<Ack >:[ 0: unconfirmed, 1: confirmed]
Get ID sigfox from the module AT$ID
Get code PAC sigfox from the module AT$PAC
Send Sigfox message AT$SF=payload,opt_responsewaited,opt_txflag
<payload>: [ 12 bytes maximum in ASCII format (24 ASCII characters max) ]
<opt_responsewaited>: [ 0: no response waited (default) ] [ 1: response waited ]
<opt_txflag txflag>: [ 0: one Tx frame sent ] [ 1: three Tx frames sent (default) ]
Change mode Lora <-> Sigfox AT+MODE=mode
<mode>:[ 0: SigFox, 1: LoRa


Additional information:

• Find the list of AT commands available in the "User Guide" downloadable from the "Documentation" tab

• More information on how to get started is available on the manufacturer's website

• Find all the resources you need to develop your project on the LSM100A module github

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