MiuPanel - Wifi µPanel Module with 5V adaptater

Wifi micro panel module with 5 V adapter
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Microcontroller remote control module.

The innovative Micro Panel solution allows you to control and monitor a microcontroller comfortably from your smartphone.
No need to write a specific mobile application; Simply install the Micro Panel application which will display your graphical interface which will be transmitted to it by the Micro Panel module.

The Micro Panel system automatically performs the necessary steps to establish communication between the module and the mobile application. The interface is described in a language specifically adapted to low-memory systems: HCTML.

The microcontroller communicates via the WiFi module the description of the graphical interface by simple character strings transmitted by the serial link.

Strong points :

  • Small board
  • Graphical interface defined and managed by the microcontroller of your project
  • Fully customizable graphical interface
  • Wide choice of graphic elements (leds, buttons, indicators, images, etc.)
  • Automatic data synchronization, real-time display
  • Compatible with many microcontrollers (Atmel, Microchip, ST, etc.)
  • Very compact interface syntax description, uses small memory amount
  • Easily integrable into existing systems
  • Direct access to high and low level TCP and UDP sockets (for example to transfer a file)


Wifi module SCF-01: 25 mm x 15 mm
Adapter module: 30 mm x 16 mm

List of items :
1 * Wifi Module SCF-01
1 * Adapter module 5 V ADP-01

You can consult the official product page for more information on programming.

First step with the μPanel module
Visit the official product page http://www.miupanel.com/getting-started/


Programming example
Visit the official product page http://www.miupanel.com/module-scf-top03/

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