DIN rail 6M Compact Enclosure for Raspberry Pi

DIN rail 6M Compact Enclosure for Raspberry Pi B+ / Pi 2 / Pi 3 / Pi3 B+

Boîtier Rouge, blanc pour Raspberry Pi 3, modèle B Officiel

Official Red & White Casing for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B & Pi 3 Model B+

Panel enclosure customization

€9.60 €8.00

Customize your enclosure's panel by laser marking
(Enclosure(s) and Panels are not included, they need to be ordered separately)

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Make your products and projects unique, by customizing the panel of your enclosure:

Whether your company logo, product name, technical information or a panel decoration, we can customize the panel of your boxes.
The customization of the panel is done through laser marking. Laser marking allows to print permanently and indelibly the information you want on the panels of your boxes. The marking is created by thermal effect. The plastic is heated rapidly and change colour following the movement path of the laser beam. The colour of the marking is a function of the composition of the plastics.

Warning: Enclosure(s) are not included, they need to be ordered separately!

Compatible Enclosures
4M Enclosure 4M Compact Enclosure 6M Compact Enclosure Boitier 6M Boitier RPI 



  1. Download the model’s files corresponding to your enclosure (preset files to the size of the enclosure's panel)
  2. Make your creation respecting the printable area of the file (see specification file)
  3. Use only Black color, (no other colors or grey scales)
  4. Save your file in PDF format, retaining the original document dimensions
  5. Send us your PDF file at file.upload(arobase)yadom.fr when you have received confirmation of your order, forwarding us the confirmation email and your PDF file. We will then have all the information related to your customization.

 Warning: For a good impression mini stroke width must be> = 0.3mm


File specifications:

Enclosure type



4M Compact

6M Compact

Official Raspberry Pi3

File size :

(L) 67mm x (l) 42mm

(L) 102mm x (l) 42mm

(L) 88mm x (l) 69mm

(L) 104mm x (l) 88mm

(L) 42mm x (l) 45mm

Margin :






Printing area :

(L) 64mm x (l) 39mm

(L) 99mm x (l) 39mm

(L) 85mm x (l) 66mm

(L) 101mm x (l) 85mm

(L) 39mm x (l) 42mm

Resolution :

300 dpi


300 dpi

300 dpi

300 dpi

Colour format :

Black & White

Black & White

Black & White

Black & White

Black & White


File design:

Conception file

More Information
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