ARM NANO LoRaWan Module

ARM NANO LoRaWan Module


Arduino MKR WAN 1300 (LoRa)

Sigfox/Lora Nemeus Module (MM002-LS-EU-TR)

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Sigfox / Lora bi-protocol module (reference MM002-LS-EU-TR) from NEMEUS compatible EMEA region (RC1)

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The MM002-LS-EU is a long-range and low power wireless modules operating on ISM 868Mhz unlicensed band. With interferers’ robustness and low power consumption, it is the best solution for applications requiring long range, maximum battery lifetime and secure radio link.

This module integrates a SX1272 LoRaTM transceiver from Semtech and a low power ARM Cortex M3 controller.


  • Dimension: 14,4mm x 26,4mm x 2,5mm
  • Modulation : LoRa™ / SIGFOX™/ FSK
  • Maximum output power +14 dBm
  • Power efficient :
    • IDLE : < 2uA
    • Tx : 39,5mA to 50mA (dep. on protocol)
    • Rx : 11,7mA to 14mA (dep. on protocol)
  • Good buildings penetration
  • Long Range protocol stack software (SIGFOX™ / LoRa WAN 1.0.2 EU Class A & C)
  • Soldered like a SMD component
  • Usable as Modem companion or with embedded customer application software (option)
  • RoHS conform / RED compliant


  • Options:
    • Shield cover for EU market
    • +20dBm output power for EU market

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