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RMS 5-year license management pack Teltonika

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The Teltonika Networks IoT platform is a simple and comprehensive way to maintain optimal control over your connected solution. This solution facilitates remote access and management of all connected Teltonika Networks and third-party devices.
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RMS 5-year license management pack Teltonika


The Teltonika Remote Control Platform (RMS) enables easy management of access, monitoring and control of all Teltonika network devices, including RUT2XX, RUT8XX and RUT9XX routers.

Features and benefits :



Unified control 

Bénéficiez d'une solution complète permettant de gérer de multiples appareils Teltonika à partir d'une seule plateforme. Cette solution englobe la ligne de commande à distance et l'accès WebUI, les options de filtrage des appareils par modèle, la version du micrologiciel, l'état de la connexion, les balises personnalisées, etc.

Remote access to nonTeltonika devices 

Get remote access to other devices, even those not manufactured by Teltonika. If your Teltonika device is connected to RMS, it can be used to create remote access links to equipment connected to its private network.

Real-time alert system

Set up real-time e-mail alerts to keep you informed of developments on your devices. Create special alerts for events such as mobile signal strength falling below a certain threshold, status changes or the device leaving/entering a defined GPS geographic barrier.

Activity reports 

Set up a configuration to produce customized reports containing specific data on the device parameters required by the user. They can be produced periodically or for specific time ranges. Reports generated in this way are stored on RMS servers, ready to be downloaded at any time for future analysis.

Access point tracking service 

Easily manage and track the status of your WiFi access point. RMS provides the functionality to add or remove users, monitor data consumption, and maintain complete knowledge of your WiFi network.

Mises à jour du micrologiciel/sauvegarde

Make sure you don't miss out on the improvements and new features offered by the latest firmware. With RMS, upgrading hundreds of devices to the latest firmware version becomes a simplified process, achievable in just a few clicks.

GPS history

Find out where your devices are now or where they have been in the past, thanks to the location history. You can display the location of your moving devices whenever you like. You can also set up static locations for your stationary or GPS-incompatible devices for easier management.

Statistics display graphics

Graphs are created to monitor your device's activities, including changes in status (temperature, mobile signal quality, data usage, etc.). Information is retained over time.

Remote monitoring

Access all your devices remotely from a single platform, using a client-server system that lets you access them without even using a public IP address.


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