2-Channel Isolated CAN Expansion HAT for Raspberry Pi

2-Channel Isolated CAN Expansion HAT for Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi PoE+ (Power Over Ethernet) hat

Kit Sigfox Hat for Raspberry Pi 4B with DIN Rail enclosure

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Kit including a SigFox communication card, a 4M DIN Rail box for Raspberry Pi 4B, an antenna with UFL cable
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This SigFox communication board for Raspberry Pi card will enable you to use the SigFox network to transmit any data very simply.


The RPISigFox card for Raspberry Pi is SigFox Ready certified Class 0 (the best one), that is to say with the best capabilities to communicate with the network. Its is design and produced in France in our office and facilities.

   Made in France


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The SigFox network allows to send 12 bytes messages long. The Sigfox network is nationaly available in many European countries. Please check the coverage here : http://sigfox.com/en/#!/connected-world/sigfox-network-operator 
By suscribing the one year SigFox subscription, you entitle to 140 messages sent over the network SigFox daily and the reception of 4 messages daily.
When you send a frame from your SigFox communication card, you immediately receive it on the Sigfox data consultation portal. You also have the option at the service level of the Sigfox data consultation portal to push the data received in real time to another web server of your choice

 The card is supplied with:

  • Tabletop or DIN rail housing
  • front panel machined with antenna connector
  • 1/2 wave articulated antenna 
  • python script to simplify sending data
  • One year subscription to SigFox network (140 messages / day) in option
  • Access to your data via the Sigfox portal


To send a message, nothing more simple. Thanks to the script provided:

Python sendsigfox.py 001122334455668899AABBCC

Control scripts are available on GitHub.

You receive your data immedialely in the data access portal of Sigfox.com.
You also have the option  with the portal 'telemesure.net' to push the data received to another web server according to your choice.

From your SigFox account, you have the possibility to administer your card, to check the reception level of messages. You also have access to the API that allows you to push the information on your own server and manage the return messages.

After registering your subscription and creating your account, you have direct access to the network data of your SigFox card.

sigfox backend list

You can also consult the real-time data

données reçues

Finally, you can configure a callback to your server of received information with the format you want

callback configuration


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