10.1inch HDMI Touch LCD 1280x800 IPS

10.1inch HDMI Touch LCD 1280x800 IPS (B)

7" Official Raspberry Pi LCD Touch Screen 800x480 Capacitive

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The official 7" LCD touchscreen for Raspberry Pi offers 800 x 480 pixel resolution for optimum image quality. The latest Raspbian operating system enables 10-finger capacitive touch functions and an on-screen keyboard. Easy installation and configuration.

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Official Raspberry Pi 7" LCD Touch Screen

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The 7-inch touchscreen is the ideal accessory for extending the capabilities of your Raspberry Pi and enabling the creation of interactive IoT projects

The capacitive touchscreen guarantees easy installation by simply connecting to a Raspberry Pi board, thanks to an adapter board included on the back of the display that handles power and signal conversion. Only two connections to your Raspberry Pi are required: the power supply via the GPIO port and a ribbon cable that plugs into the DSI port of all Raspberry Pi (except Raspberry Pi Zero range).

The Raspberry Pi OS operating system provides touchscreen drivers supporting ten-finger capacitive touch functions and an on-screen keyboard. This enables full functionality without the need for an additional keyboard or mouse.

With ease of use, an intuitive interface and compatibility with the latest Raspbian capabilities, this robust display offers you a complete solution for your industrial IoT applications.

Use case :

• Data display dashboard:
the screen can display production data, stock levels or the number of orders

• Industrial access control: the screen can be used for employee identification, or to enter security information for access to restricted areas

• Training and learning terminal: the screen can be used as an interactive training tool for new employees or for ongoing training

Product features :

Brand • Raspberry Pi 
Weight • 0.44 kg
Dimensions  • 192.96mm × 110.76mm
Viewable area • 154.08mm × 85.92mm
Display size (diagonal) • 7 inches
Resolution  • 800 x 480 pixels
Capacitive touch interface • 10 fingers
Color configuration • RGB (24 bits)
Compatible with  • Raspberry Pi 3, 4, 5 

Configuring your display :

• Quick and easy to install: the adapter board and Raspberry Pi are attached to the back of the LCD display using the fixing screws supplied

• The DSI ribbon cable provides the display interface between the Raspberry Pi board and the touchscreen

Power supply options for your display :

• Separate power supply for the Pi's display board via a micro USB power supply of less than 500 mA

• Raspberry Pi 2.5 A power supply for connecting a Pi power supply to the display board. The card can then power the Raspberry Pi via the USB connection

• GPIO jumpers for powering the display board from the Pi using the Dupont cables supplied

Product content :

• 1x LCD touchscreen

• 1x Adapter card

• 1x DSI ribbon cable

• 4x Dupont cable 

• 4x Fixing screws (used to fix a Raspberry Pi board to the adapter board on the back of the display)


• For further information on this display, please consult this article or the Raspberry Pi documentation.

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