800x600, 4.3 inch E-Ink display module with UART

800x600, 4.3 inch E-Ink display module with UART


7inch capacitive DSI Raspberry Pi 1024x600 IPS LCD Touch Screen

Shield Raspberry Pi Pioneer600

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This Pioneer 600 expansion board adds numerous ac-tion and interaction possibilities to the Raspberry Pi in one go. It is compatible with Rasberry Pi models with a 40-pin GPIO, i.e. : Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2B/3B.
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Shield Raspberry Pi Pioneer600


This module is designed to be connected to a Raspberry Pi board to add additional features, capabilities or interfaces to your project. It is frequently used in the fields of robotics, IoT, etc. For more information on programming, please consult the Wiki page.


Product specifications :


Brand : Waveshare

Dimensions : 56 mm × 65 mm

Interaction elements : dual LEDs, joystick, buzzer, basic components

USB TO UART : CP2102, control the Pi via serial terminal

Display : 0.96" OLED

Clock : high-precision DS3231 real-time clock with battery backup slot

Analog-to-digital converter : PCF8591 8-bit screw terminal connection

GPIO expansion port : PCF8574 for even more possibilities

Infrared receiver : LFN0038K to make remote control a reality

Pressure sensor : BMP280, measuring air pressure and temperature

1-Wire interface : via DS18B20 supplied with the board

Sensor interface : for connecting various sensors

Connector type : USB

Compatible with : Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2B/3B


Layout legend :


1. Raspberry Pi GPIO interface : to connect Raspberry Pi
2. USB TO UART : control the Pi via a serial terminal
3. AD/DA IO interface  screw terminal
4. 1-WIRE interface : for connecting 1-WIRE devices such as the DS18B20
5. Sensor interface : for connecting various sensors
6. 0.96" OLED : SSD1306 driver, 128 × 64 resolution, SPI interface
7. Horn
8. CP2102 : USB TO UART converter
9. PCF8591 : 8-bit AD/DA converter, I2C interface
10. BMP180 : Pressure sensor, I2C interface
11. PCF8574 : I/O expansion chip, I2C interface
12. DS3231 : high-precision RTC chip, I2C interface
13. Power indicator
14. User LED
15. Joystick
16. IR receiver LFN0038K


Warning :


Use of the bcm285 library is exclusive: once called, the wiringPi library and the Python module will no longer be functional until the Raspberry has been restarted.


Including :


1 * Pioneer600

1 * USB A to mini B cable

1 * DS18B20

2 * Spacers with screws 

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