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Custom Services proposed by YADOM


Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partner and Official Raspberry Pi Distributor, we are able to support you in the design, implementation and customization of your project.

Find below the list of services we offer for products in the Raspberry Pi universe.


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Custom development and production

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module CM4 has been developed to meet the most demanding specific industrial projects while benefiting from the international Raspberry Pi ecosystem. Our teams are able to support you and respond to your requests by producing tailor-made products around the Raspberry Pi Compute Module (CM4). We take care of the design, development and manufacture of your cards based on these Compute modules (CM4).
If you need a specific tailor-made expansion card, we can also meet this requirement.
Designed according to your needs and responding to your use, these cards will be produced according to the rules of the art, ready to be industrialized

Customized Compute Module 4

Casing customization

Century 21 personalized boxEGOS personalized box

We offer you the possibility of customizing your enclosures or adapting them to your project.
Equipped with a laser machine, we can engrave and mark the surface of your casing.
Laser marking will allow you to obtain a tailor-made product by affixing your logo, the product's regulatory inscriptions or even a decoration.
Whether it is directly on the surface of the case or on an additional colored label, this personalization will give a lasting and refined impression to your products.
Beyond the visual dimension, customization also includes simple machining allowing the installation of switches or buttons, antenna connectors or screens.

Product's assembly

In order to facilitate the implementation of your tailor-made project, we also have the ability to integrate and assemble your Raspberry Pi products. This service allows you to directly receive your product assembled, tested and ready to be used within the framework. of your industrial project. Conscious of providing you with quality service, we can serialize and label your products, providing adequate traceability to meet your needs.

Product assembly Raspberry Pi Assembly

SD and Micro SD duplication in volume

Micro SD / SD cards duplicator

Save time on the start-up of your products by entrusting us with the duplication of your SD or Micro SD cards in volume. Equipped with professional stand-alone equipment, we are able to duplicate your software image on each of the SD or Micro SD cards in your systems.


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