LoraWan EM310-TILT-868M Connected Tilt Sensor

Connected tilt and motion sensor - LoraWan

Connected IR motion and light detection sensor - LoraWan

Compact sensor for detection of movement and/or room occupation. 
Detection range of 6 to 8 m.
Connected product, transmitting data via LoRaWan technology.
Easy to deploy - 4 years autonomy

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Connected Motion and Light Detection Sensor - Face
Connected IR motion and light detection sensor - LoraWan

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€58.68 €48.90


    The WS202 Passive Infrared Sensor detects movement or occupancy


    The Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) is a sensor that detects movement by measuring changes in infrared temperature within its field of view. PIR sensors are often used in security systems to detect intrusion by monitoring movement in a specific area.

    They can also be used in other applications such as motion detection for automatic lighting or temperature control, but also for space management in offices or meeting rooms by detecting occupancy.

    The WS202 motion sensor is also equipped with a light sensor, which combined with presence detection, allows to trigger usage scenarios in spaces such as smart offices, schools, warehouses, the smart home...

    The WS202 connected sensor can detect movement within a 6-8m radius and send status changes via the LoRaWAN network.
    PIR sensors are considered to be very reliable and inexpensive, making them popular for a wide range of applications.

    Combined with our Telemesure.net IoT cloud solution, users can see all the data from remote measurements and detections and receive real-time alarms for detachment or room occupancy via a browser or remote mobile device.

    With its compact size and battery power, the WS202 is easy to install anywhere.



    • Passive infrared and Fresnel lens based occupancy or motion detection
    • Easy to install thanks to its convenient size.
    • Built-in light sensor, combine with PIR sensor to get triggers.
    • Ultra long range wireless transmission up to 15 km line of sight
    • Configuration via mobile app via NFC
    • Compatible with LoRaWAN® 868Mhz Class A gateways and standard LoRaWAN® network infrastructure
    • Quick and easy management with Telemesure.net IoT Cloud solution


    • Wireless transmission: LoRaWAN® technology
    • Measurement
      • PIR
      • Detection area 120° Horizontal, 100° Vertical
      • Maximum detection distance 8 m
    • Light
      • Status
      • Bright/Dark (set 1-60000 lux as bright or dark according to custom threshold)
    • Operation
      • NFC configuration
    • Physical Characteristics
      • Power supply 1 × 1650 mAh ER14335 Li-SOCl2 Battery
      • Battery life* Approx. 4 years (30 min interval + 30 actuations per day)
      • Operating temperature -20°C to +60°C
      • Relative humidity ≤90% (non-condensing)
      • Ingress protection IP30
      • Dimension 50 × 50 × 23.8 mm (1.97 × 1.97 × 0.94 in)
      • Material Flame retardant polycarbonate
      • Colour White
      • Installation On flat surfaces with screws or with the supplied 3M double-sided sticker.
    • Package Contents
      • 1x Battery ER14335
      • 1x Getting Started Guide
    • Part Number: WS202-868M
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    Country of Manufacture China