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LoRaWan ToF Laser Distance Sensor

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The connected LPWAN laser distance sensor features a robust IP67 housing, and is used to detect the fill level, position status and combustion of a container. Featuring ToF technology guaranteeing high accuracy, this IoT device ensures 10 years' autonomy

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Milesight laser distance sensor
LoRaWan ToF Laser Distance Sensor

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€208.80 €174.00


    ToF Laser Distance Sensor


    The EM400-TLD has virtually no blind spots and contains an integrated temperature sensor to check whether containers are on fire. This IoT device also features an integrated 3-axis accelerometer to detect the position of the device, which can be used to monitor the opening and closing of the garbage can lid.

    With IP67 protection, the housing also features a conformal coating on its PCBA, providing an additional layer of defense. This ensures smooth operation even under the most difficult conditions.

    The laser distance sensor offers two pre-set modes, Standard and Bin, designed to meet the needs of distance measurement and garbage can monitoring applications. These modes are set with different data collection frequencies and ratios, ensuring optimum performance

    Use cases :

    Manage waste collection by monitoring the fill rate of recycling bins in order to optimize collection schedules. 

    Tracking the use of waste garbage cans can usage to identify areas of high waste density in different zones or neighborhoods

    Measuring the fill level of industrial containers for more efficient resource management

    IoT Data Management Platform :

    This device is combined with our cloud-based data supervision solution Users can view and manage all their measurement data remotely, and receive real-time alerts or notifications via a browser or cell phone.

    Product benefits:

    •  Equipped with NTC temperature sensor for waste combustion detection and alarm.

    •  Integrated 3-axis accelerometer sensor to monitor tilt status

    •  IP67 waterproof housing for outdoor applications and moisture-resistant interior lining

    •  Equipped with NFC technology for one-touch configuration, supports card emulation mode

    •  Easy to install, particularly suitable for small garbage cans or containers

    •  Two preset modes for a smooth user experience

    •  Low battery consumption thanks to LoRaWAN technology 

    •  Virtually no blind spot

    • Quick and easy management with IoT Cloud solution

    Product features :

    •  Brand: Milesight

    •  Dimensions: 118 × 65 × 30 mm

      Color: gray/black

    •  Protection rating: IP67

    •  Power supply: 2 x ER26500 Li-SOCL2 9000 mAh batteries (replaceable) 

    •  Battery life: standard mode: approx. 10 years (10-minute intervals, 25°C), garbage can mode: approx. 10 years (20-minute intervals, 25°C)

    •  Detection range: 2 ~ 350 cm

    • Data transmission: up to 2 km in urban areas and 15 km in rural areas

    • Operating temperature: - 30°C ~ 70°C

    •  Relative humidity: ≤95% (non-condensing)

    •  Compatible with: standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers

    •  Installation: flat surfaces with screws

    Product content :

    •  1x EM400-TLD sensor

    •  2x Mounting kits

    •  1x Cleaning cloth

    •  1x Warranty card

    • 1x Quick Start Guide


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