LoraWan IP67 connected Temperature & Humidity Sensor

IP67 connected Temperature & Humidity Sensor - LoraWan

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LoraWan Soil Moisture-Temperature-Electrical Conductivity Sensor

LoraWan Connected Outdoor PT100 Temperature Sensor

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Temperature sensor specially designed for applications in harsh environments. IP67 device equipped with a 19,000 mAh battery with 10-year autonomy.
Ultra-precise measurement of extreme temperatures.

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EM500-PT1000 Outdoor Industrial Temperature Sensor LoraWan
LoraWan Connected Outdoor PT100 Temperature Sensor

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€158.98 €132.48


    LoRaWan Industrial Temperature Sensor

    With its rugged design and IP67 waterproof rating, the EM500-PT100 is suitable for a variety of demanding industrial applications. Equipped with a 19,000 mAh battery, it provides 10 years' autonomy. The temperature sensor is capable of measuring extreme temperatures from -200 to +800°C. It is one of the most accurate temperature sensors available on the market.

    Use case :

    • Temperature monitoring of industrial boilers to detect vapors or abnormal temperatures

    • Cold chain temperature measurement to guarantee product efficiency and safety 

    • Checking aircraft engines or rocket propulsion systems to ensure proper operation and identify any potential anomalies

    Product benefits :

    • Ultra-precise measurement of extreme temperatures

    • IP67 waterproof housing for applications in harsh environments

    • Built-in 19,000 mAh replaceable battery (10-year runtime)

    • 3-wire connection for high accuracy

    • Corrosion-resistant cable (several probe options available)

    • Ultra long-distance wireless transmission up to 15 km

    • NFC configuration via mobile application

    • Quick and easy management with Telemesure.net IoT Cloud solution

    IoT data management platform:

    This device is combined with our cloud-based data supervision solution Telemesure.net. Users can view and manage all their measurement data remotely, and receive real-time alerts or notifications via a browser or cell phone.

    Product features :

    Brand: Milesight

    Color: gray and white

    Dimensions: 105.4 × 71 × 69.5 mm 

    Cable length: 1.5 m

    Battery capacity (Li-SOCl2): 19,000 mAh

    Measurement range (customizable from -200°C to +800°C): T050: -200°C to +50°C; T200: -50°C to +200°C; T500: -50°C to +500°C; T800: -50°C to +800°C

    Accuracy: ± 0.5°C

    Resolution: 0.1°C

    Protection rating: IP67

    Operating temperature: -30°C to +70°C

    Relative humidity: 0% to 100% (non-condensing)

    Mounting: on pole, wall or DIN rail

    Compatible with: LoRaWAN gateways and network servers

    Product content :

    • 1x EM500-PT100 sensor

    • 2x Wall mounting kits

    • 2x Fixing screws

    • 4x Rubber screw caps

    • 1x Hose Clamp

    • 1x Warranty card

    • 1x Quick start guide


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