Module Sigfox WSSFM10R2AT de Seong-Ji

Sigfox WSSFM10R2AT module from Seong Ji - Wisol

iMCP HT32SX Sigfox Monarch

System-in-Package iMCP HT32SX Sigfox Monarch from HT Micron

BRKHT32SX Breakout Sigfox Monarch kit

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SigFox Monarch board based on the MCO Multicomponent Integrated Circuit HT32SX from HT Micron

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HT32SX / Sigfox / Monarch / Multi Zones


This BRKHT32SX Sigfox development kit is a prototyping tool to learn and develop an IoT solution based on the latest Multicomponent Integrated Circuit HT32SX MCO module from HT Micron, making it possible to cover the various Sigfox geographical areas.

The BRKHT32SX breakout board provides an easy way to test under real operating conditions the HT Micron HT32SX Multicomponent Integrated Circuit (MCO) designed to provide an out-of-the-box connectivity solution for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The small size of the breakout board allows you to include it in your full size prototype.


MCP - HT32SX is a multi-component integrated circuit (MCO) designed to provide an out-of-the-box connectivity solution for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. It provides both uplink (transmit) and downlink (receive) communications, and is the first Micron HT product in a new family of memory-less components.

Its small dimensions, high performance and low power consumption aim for the best experience for IoT developers.

The chip supports the communication of the Sigfox Monarch protocol with a low consumption STM S2-LP transceiver and embeds an STM32L052 programmable processor (ARM Cortex M0 + 32 bits) for your application.

The module is provided with a Sigfox ID & PAC and is Sigfox verified.


The board has a 10-pin connector for microprocessor programming and a micro USB connector for using the built-in bootloader or for debugging your code with the UART, thanks to the built-in FTDI chip.

The card includes:

  • - 30 pins to allow access to the main signals of the chip
  • - 1 micro USB connector
  • - FTDI usb to UART
  • - 3.3v voltage regulator
  • - LED
  • - Reset button
  • - Bootloader button
  • - Battery connector


Main characteristics:

  • - HT32SX based
  • - Sigfox RC1, RC2, RC3, RC4, RC5, RC6, RC7.
  • - Technology Sigfox Monarch
  • - Embedded software library
  • - Host CPU STM32L052
  • - ARM cortex M0 +
  • - Voltage: 3.3V ~ 5V
  • - Size: 32x39mm
  • - Program update via USB
  • - Programming connector
  • - USB UART for debug


Power :

The board is powered via the USB connector or the JST SB2 power connector with a maximum voltage of 5.0V DC.



Programming can be done via the USB connector in Micro-B format or via the JTAG connector (optional adapter required)
1 LED can be activated by software and 2 pushbuttons (Reset and user) are present on the card.

You will find more developping information and exemple on


The kit includes:

1x BRKHT32SX card (2.54 steps for use on breadboard type experimentation board)
1x UFL to SMA RF Cable
1x SMA RF 1/2 wave 868 Mhz 113mm antenna of 50 ohms

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