Crédits Télémesure (SMS - Appels)

20 Télémesure Credits (SMS - Calls)

Sens'It transfer to Telemesure + 1 year Sigfox subscription 140 msg/d

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Following the closure of the platform, we're offering you the opportunity to transfer your Sens'It to our cloud platform. You also get a one-year Sigfox 140 msg/d subscription.
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Sens'It transfer to Cloud Telemesure platform + 1 year Sigfox subscription 140 msg/d

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The service platform is definitively closed, so you can no longer track your Sens'It data. To continue to make full use of your product, we offer you the cloud platform, which will enable you to retrieve similar functions and continue to collect your data. In addition to Télémesure, you also get a one-year subscription to the Sigfox network.

Telemesure is an IoT services platform that lets you control your objects, and collect and process the data sent by your transmitters, from your dedicated administration space. It's a responsive web platform that automatically adapts to the terminal used for consultation. Whether you're using a PC, a tablet or a smartphone, wherever you are, you can access your data and view your fleet of connected objects in real time.

Interfaced with the various IOT and M2M communication networks on the market, the platform frees you from the management of telecom operators and the technical complexity of their connectivity. Anticipate breakdowns, detect when thresholds are exceeded, raise an alarm - thanks to the creation of alert scenarios, stay informed by receiving an e-mail, SMS or voice call.

• Collect, view and create alert scenarios
Locate your transmitters on a mapping tool, and visualize the activity of your connected objects through graphs, curves and dashboards. Define your alert scenarios to ensure service continuity or trigger an intervention.

• A 100% French platform
Because your data is essential and sensitive, we have chosen to design and administer the entire platform, and to entrust database hosting to local players. This guarantees the security and confidentiality of your data.

• Plug & Play
Particular attention has been paid to user-friendliness and ease of implementation, so that you can register, connect and start collecting data in just a few clicks.

IoT telecommunications network 

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Sigfox is a low-energy communications network designed specifically for the Internet of Things (IoT). It offers a global connectivity solution for IoT devices, and can send up to 140 messages per day, each 12 bytes long.

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