Yadom is Raspberry Pi approved reseller and design partner



Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partner      Raspberry Pi Approved Reseller

Raspberry Pi Approved Reseller

Société Nationale des Objets Connectés (SNOC), YADOM's parent company, is a member of the Raspberry Pi Approved Reseller program. This program allows us to be in direct contact with the Raspberry Pi foundation and to benefit from a privileged access to the product catalog and the latest releases on the market.

Because the use of Raspberry Pi boards and products continues to grow in the professional world, this agreement is the means to proceed with an instant distribution of new products while guaranteeing the fairest price. 

Raspberry Pi boards, wall-mounted or panel-mounted enclosures, RAIL Din power supplies or extension boards, find a selection of products from the Raspberry Pi universe to integrate into all your connected industrial projects. 


Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partner 

SNOC has also join the Raspberry Pi Approved Design Partner program, attesting to both the trust placed in us by the Raspberry Pi Foundation and our technical capacity to support you in the design and realization of your products and projects for the professional environment. 

With our electronic and software development skills, we offer a multitude of personalized services dedicated to your industrial projects. These range from the design of Compute Module 4 (CM4) based boards to the industrialization of your products.