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LoraWan IP67 Connected Pulse Counting Sensor

LoraWan Standalone Multi-Input Industrial Controller

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The LoraWan IP67 controller integrates several industrial interfaces to connect all types of sensors, meters and other devices. IoT device with 3 replaceable 9,000 mAh batteries and easy NFC configuration.

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UC502 Milesight controller front view
LoraWan Standalone Multi-Input Industrial Controller

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€178.68 €148.90


    LoraWan Standalone Multi-Input Industrial Controller


    The UC502 wireless controller is equipped with a pulse counter that offers the possibility of monitoring energy consumption such as gas, water and electricity, as well as power generation. It has the ability to gather and route industrial data streams using LoRaWAN technology. 

    This IP67 device works in harmony with network gateways and can cover distances of up to 15 km in rural environments and 2 km in urban environments. The UC500 range proves particularly effective at establishing links with a variety of sensors, including serial and analog sensors. 

    Use cases :

    • Trigger alerts when sensor readings exceed predefined thresholds to enable data reporting 

    Preventive maintenance to monitor the operating parameters of industrial equipment and detect signs of impending malfunction

    Monitoring of production processes by collecting data on cycle times, production rates and quality defects for continuous optimization

    IoT Data Management Platform :

    This device is combined with our cloud-based data supervision solution Telemesure.net. Users can view and manage all their measurement data remotely, and receive real-time alerts or notifications via a browser or cell phone.

    Product benefits :

    • Equipped with NFC for easy configuration

    • Integrates multiple industrial interfaces to connect all types of sensors, meters and other devices

    • IP67 waterproof housing and M12 connector suitable for use in harsh environments

    • Long-distance transmission up to 15 km line of sight in rural areas and 2 km in urban areas

    • Support for data retransmission

    • 600 sets of historical data records can be stored

    • SDI-12 interface for environmental data acquisition

    • Reports on data thresholds

    • Quick and easy management with Telemesure.net's IoT Cloud solution

    Product features :

    Brand: Milesight

    Color: white/black

    Dimensions: 116 × 116 × 45.5 mm (4.56 × 4.56 × 1.79 inches)

    Protection rating: IP67

    Battery capacity (Li-SOCl2): 3 × 9,000 mAh replaceable batteries

    Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C

    Compatible with: industry-standard LoRaWAN® gateways

    Interface 1: 2 x GPIO, 1 x RS232/ RS485 (switchable), 1 x 3.3 V output, 1 x 5/9/12 V output (switchable)

    Interface 2: 2 x analog input, 1 x 3.3 V output, 1 x 5/9/12 V output (switchable)

    Installation: wall or pole

    Product content :

    • 1x UC502 sensor with cables 

    • 1x Clamps (2x)

    • 1x Mounting bracket, plugs and screws 

    • 1x Manual/Warranty card

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