Passerelle LoraWan UG63 Intérieur - LNS intégré

LoraWan Indoor 8-Channel Integrated Network Server Gateway - NG63-868M

Gateway LoRaWan LORIX One IP65 Outdoor

Gateway LoRaWan LORIX One IP65 Outdoor

Pico-Gateway LoraWan MG003-L-EU from Nemeus

As low as €384.00 €320.00

LoRaWAn Gateway with integrated Server allowing you to create your own Lora Private network

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Customize Pico-Gateway LoraWan MG003-L-EU from Nemeus
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Pico-Gateway Lora MG003-L-EU
Pico-Gateway LoraWan MG003-L-EU from Nemeus

In stock

€384.00 €320.00


    This LoRa ™ pico-gateway is dedicated to long-range communications for connected objects with low power consumption. The pico-gateway operates in the free bands ISM at 868MHz. This gateway supports LoRa ™ and FSK modulations.


    LoRa product made in France

       Made in France

    The gateway integrates a LoRa WAN 1.0 EU (Class A & C) network server, which can manage up to 400 objects with energy consumption control and interference resistance.

    Technical specifications:

    • Dimension: 75mm x 75mm x 25mm
    • Modulation: LoRa ™ / FSK
    • 8 LoRa transceivers architecture
    • Maximum output power +26 dBm
    • Good penetration through the buildings
    • Router solution
    • 8 channels
    • Power supply via micro-USB I / F interface
    • Ethernet I / F connector
    • SMA Antenna connector
    • 2dBi gain antenna


    The MG0003-L-EU is provided with a JAVA application software running on Windows or Linux Operating System, to configure (Radio and network server parts) and control the gateway throught network.

    Software specifications:

    • Full Independent configuration of any transceivers
    • LoRa WAN 1.0 EU Class A & C embedded server for battery or not powered devices
    • Full network server and devices configuration through JAVA application (remote)
    • Communication with any external server solution through JSON & UDP protocols
    • Bidirectional communication between applicative server and devices
    • OTAA or ABP devices-gateway association mechanism


    Nemeus SW


    The Lora Server built-in the gateway allow registration of up to 400 devices with the software interface.

    Pico Gateway Device Panel

    The pico gateway server send two frame type with the UDP protocol to your data server:
    - Keepalive frame at regular interval
    - Data frame when receiving informations from any of the devices registered in the gateway.

    A sample data script is provided to display the data reception, available on our github: GW-Lora-Listener

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    Country of ManufactureFrance