Pico-Gateway Lora MG003-L-EU

Pico-Gateway LoraWan MG003-L-EU from Nemeus

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4G Onyx LTE USB Dongle Soracom SC-QGLC4

Gateway LoRaWan LORIX One IP65 Outdoor

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Powerful, outdoor and easy to deploy LoraWan gateway
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LoRaWAN ™ gateway LORIX ONE IP 65

Affordable, small, efficient, easy to deploy and suitable for any climate, the LoRaWAN ™ LORIX ONE IP 65 gateway allows you to deploy your Lora network in a professional and economical way.

An embedded and fully open Linux system allows simple integration on a Cloud (preconfigured LORIOT).


Main system

  • CPU: ARM® Cortex-A5 600MHz
  • RAM: 128MBytes DDR2 200MHZ
  • NAND: 512MBytes flash with PMECC (HW> 1.0d2)


OS / Software

  • Linux Yocto 4.4 Possibility of resetting the main parameters to zero (factory reset)
  • Preconfigured with LORIOT cloud client, TTN cloud client; Semtech packet-forwarder, SSH Server
  • Dev tools and totally open sources
  • Now available with LORIX OS



  • Ethernet 10 / 100Mbps
  • 24V power supply by passive PoE
  • SD-Card connector to expand the capacity of the internal memory
  • USB connector providing a serial interface (configuration, update)


LoRa ™ / RF system

  • SX1301 as the heart of the LoRa ™ system (Approved by Semtech)
  • EU863-870MHz version (EU868)
  • 8 channels, 49 demodulators @ 863-870MHz
  • RX sensitivity: -140dBm
  • TX power: 27dBm

Further information

  • Power supply: 24V passive PoE
  • Operating timers: -30 to + 55 ° C
  • Interior: 200mm (7.87 inch) tilt antenna @ 2dBi
  • Exterior: IP65 antenna 500mm (19.68 inches) @ 4.15dBi
  • Dimension without antenna: 198 x 45 mm


The IP43 version is a semi-watertight gangway whose closing cap is pierced with three holes. These will allow water drainage in the event of condensation.

The IP65 version is a watertight gangway with a pre-drilled closure cap, ideal for places exposed to multidirectional water splashes.

The difference is only in the holes under the cap. An IP65 gateway can become IP43 by drilling the holes if it has to be moved to a different place. Drilling the plug allows you to change your IP65 gateway to IP43, useful if the latter must be moved to a site with different constraints.


Package Contents

  • Box dimensions 530 x 60 x 140 mm (w x h x d)
  • LoRa Gateway LORIX One IP65
  • 500mm (19.68 inch) IP65 outdoor antenna @ 4.15dBi
  • Installation fasteners
  • 24V multi-country power supply
  • 24V PoE injector
  • Quick installation guide

For more information on the implementation of the product, please consult the page:  https://iot.wifx.net/docs/

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Country of ManufactureSwitzerland
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